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If you aspire to know how to fix the noisy garage door quickly and easily, then you should read the instructions given by us. By understanding the instructions which we have mentioned below, you can learn how to correct the noisy garage door by yourself. The sound which comes upon opening and closing the garage door is one of the most disturbing noises in the entire world. There can be plenty of causes behind the noisy garage door such as worn out rollers, loose hardware, or the components which requires lubrication. Apart from the reasons as mentioned above, the door can become noisy because of the lack of anti-vibration pads in the door. We can quickly fix the issues by using simple solutions.

 Tighten Door Hardware

Tightening all the hardware of the door as well as of the track is the first step which the home-owners should take to correct the noisy door. Always prefer to use a ratchet with a deep socket but keep in mind that nothing should be too tight otherwise it can create a problem. If you will over-tight the components of the garage door, then it can pull out the carriage bolt head from the skin of the door or can strip the threaded holes.

 Inspect the Hinges and Rollers

The next measure which you should take is to examine the hinges and the rollers of the door carefully. Mostly the rollers contain the unsealed bearings which usually become worn out over the time and due to regular use. To solve the issue of the rollers, you should replace the current rollers with that of the rollers designed from the nylon. Though the nylon rollers are a little bit expensive, they offer us an advantage that they do not require to be lubricated and are remarkably quieter. You should also replace the track rollers one at a time. If you notice that the rollers present within the bottom brackets have become worn out and require replacement, then it is always better to consult a well-trained technician.

 Check if the Hinges Need a Replacement

As compared to that of the rollers, worn out hinges are not so common. But you should consider replacing the hinges once a year. If you do not replace the hinges on time, then it can result in jamming or wearing out of the tongue as well as of the grooves joints altogether. One sign which indicates the great wear is the fine metal shavings or the presence of the silver dust around the hinge pin. Another sign which you should always notice is the gap situated at the place of mating between the hinge bracket and the hinge pin.

Check the Garage Door Opener Chain

When you have replaced all the worn out parts of the garage door then consider inspecting the garage door opener chain. If the garage door opener chain has become loose, then it can create a loud and disturbing noise. It can also smack the rollers against the track and cause the door to spam. If your door has a track of a chain drive opener, then you should thoroughly lubricate the track with the grease. But if there is a drive screw opener instead, then you must oil the threads.

 Use Proper Lubricant

If your garage door consists of an unsealed type of springs, hinges, and bearings, then you should spray them with the lubricant. You should adequately spray all the joints of the door as well as the torsion bar with a suitable lubricant. If you do not use suitable oil, then it can cause the components to become sticky and trap the dirt.

It is always better to lubricate those parts of the door which must move for the proper functioning of the door. You should do the lubrication of the components on a regular basis. For doing the task routinely, you must mark the dates on the garage wall calendar, or set a smart-phone alert so that you should not forget to do it. The task of lubricating the components of the door is crucial because it expands the life of the garage door. Inexperienced persons or those who have any doubt should consider consulting the repair persons at Victorian Roller Doors. Our skilled professionals possess extensive knowledge of garage doors and will serve the owner as well as their homes with the utmost professionalism.

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