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Effective Ways to Deal with your Noisy Garage Doors

Effective Ways to Deal with your Noisy Garage Doors

When you buy a new garage door, it works very smooth and moderately quiet manner. When it gets older with time, various elements make it noisy garage doors. Have you seen a sudden increment in exactly how loudly your garage door opens and closes? Assuming this is the case, it might be a sign of required maintenance. Noisy garage doors caused by worn rollers, free equipment, parts that need oil.

Fix all parts

Tighten up all bolts and nuts of your garage door and check for worn parts and replace all the required parts. Then spray a lubricant oil on all the moving parts.

Replace the rollers

It is normal for old metal rollers to make a considerable a loud noise as they roll up and down the metal track. If you found this as a reason behind the noise or if the rollers look worn, consider replacing them. Prefer to utilising nylon as opposed to metal rollers, as they are calmer and don’t need to be greased up all the time.

The standard size of rollers is of  2-inch with a stem of the 4-inch stem, however measure yours before purchasing. Replace the rollers each one in turn. This procedure takes less than an hour.

Garage doors utilise two unique sorts of spring components to ease lifting and bringing down. Expansion springs situated over the upper tracks on both sides. Torsion springs joined to the header straightforwardly above the garage door. If you have torsion springs, don’t attempt to replace the rollers.

Since they are constantly under tension, messing with them sometimes cause serious injury. So, let it handle to experts.


Grease up the track drive with spray oils, or also spray oil on screw drive if it presents. Utilise a silicon or lithium spray or put a drop of regular motor oil on every roller and enable the moving activity to draw it into the heading. Try not to utilise oil as an ointment as it will simply gum up the tracks.

Check the opener chain

Once you’ve replaced the worn parts of the garage door, then check the door opener chain. A loose opener chain makes a loud noise and causes jerky movements that hit the rollers on the track. So begin by fixing the chain (see the method in your proprietor’s manual). Grease up the opener track with oil. And if screw drive opener present, then also grease it.

If this sounds too tedious, our experts are here to help you! As Victorian roller door company has been doing business since 1980, we thoroughly understand repairs and support! Call us today.

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