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Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage doors are very significant parts of our lives. We may come across many issues related to residential garage doors. Our prepared experts can diagnose and fix problems with your private garage door and modern overhead doors. Similarly, a breaking down overhead door can affect your business and even stop it. Therefore, consistently arranged maintenance and support will help in keeping your business running.


Here are the means by which you can discover whether your garage door requires support or a full repair or substitution:

  1. Stand inside the garage area and shut the door.
  2. Glance over your door’s rollers, springs, links, pulleys, and mounting equipment, like, pivots. Watch out for wear or harm, for example, rust.
  3. If you see them worn out, or you hear bizarre clamours while working with your door, it’s an ideal opportunity to hire the assistance of one of our prepared garage and overhead door experts.


Your garage door can last long by performing consistent support checks.

  1. Lubricate your door’s pivots; springs etc. also, apply garage door specific oil to the mechanical segments.
  2. Inspect and grease up your door’s tracks and roller with garage door splash lube. Fix the pivots to ensure that they’re secure.
  3. Wipe everything and afterwards apply oil to every moving part.
  4. Clean the outside of your door with a simple cleanser and water.
  5. For wooden garage door, fill any splits or holes.
  6. Check the weather stripping around your door. Get it replaced if it’s split or broken.

Try to attempt a door repair only when you have complete technical knowledge. Otherwise, it can aggravate the problem. Call Victorian Roller Doors to obtain garage door repairs Melbourne wide.


Security is foremost when it comes to garage door repairs. Before starting any repair work on your garage door, every family member must realise that the door shouldn’t be opened or shut until the point that your work is accomplished as per the recommendations of the expert.


Here’s how you can test your door’s sensor eyes:

  1. Completely open your garage door and Stand before it.
  2. Use the remote or keypad for your garage door opener to close your door.
  3. As your door is shutting, put a hurdle through the sensor pillar at the base of the opening of your garage.
  4. If your door doesn’t naturally turn around, your door’s sensor eyes.
  1. If your door doesn’t naturally turn around, your door’s sensor eyes might be misaligned.
  2. Close your door entirely and clean the sensor eyes with delicate, dry material.
  3. Carefully alter the sensor eyes to readjust them.
  4. Open the door and test again.
  5. If your door still poses the same problem, then you need to call the specialists.

If everything fails, leave the issue to our specialists. Our equipped experts perform garage door repairs Melbourne wide to ensure customer satisfaction.

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