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Which Garage Door Material is Best?

Which Garage Door Material is Best?

When it comes to the variety of new garage doors, You have some options, and each offers their own exclusive set of features and weaknesses.


Many garage doors are made of steel. Steel has low cost, low maintenance, and durability. Also, steel garage doors often look like wood and can also be painted. You can get an excellent array of design in these. Such doors have certain drawbacks also.  Sometimes due to steel’s poor insulating qualities, You have to consider an insulated door. Also, during their lifetime new garage doors may undergo the wear and tear. Moreover, steel is available in several gauge levels, and the higher this level, the thinner the steel. So, If you expect any threat of dents or damage to your door, go for at least a 24 gauge steel, or even thicker if your garage door is for business use.


Comparing with steel, Aluminium comes in the almost similar range of design options.  It is lighter,  less expensive than steel and more susceptible to dents and damage.


The wood garage doors have a great appearance and charming look. When painted, steel or aluminium doors can give a wooden look, but they can’t copy the rich, warm look of a wood garage door. If you’re searching for a new garage door for your house, wood can lend a traditional complement to various architectural styles. No doubt, wood needs greater maintenance and repairs and can cost a considerable amount compared to steel or aluminium.  For a more durable and less expensive wood garage door, you can consider wood composite.


Fibreglass garage door works well along the coast, where salt water may cause damages. Such doors are dent resistant also, but there is little advantage in selecting a fibreglass door because fibreglass is a weak insulator and may rapidly fade from contact with the elements.

Which Garage Door Style to choose?

Selecting a garage door style is not only a matter of aesthetics; since various materials will affect your garage door’s functionality also.

When purchasing a new garage door, choose primarily a design that will match to your existing architectural style. Everybody likes it to show as if it has always been a part of your home.

While shopping for a commercial garage door, it will need even lesser efforts; few commercial properties want a specific design over a particular material’s functionality. However, For your home, you may choose from a variety of traditional or modern styles.

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