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Victorian Roller Doors is a leading company for the best garage doors in Melbourne. We  supply an extensive variety of roller garage doors customized to suit the requests of our customers and plan to offer garage doors of the most astounding quality. The majority of our doors are initiated by remote control as standard.

We comprehend that every individual’s garage door prerequisites are different, so we endeavor to give an answer that coordinates these necessities, from our free, no-commitment quote, to the installation of the door itself. The no-commitment overview will enable us to comprehend the particulars of your garage and in this way help us to discover the ideal answer for your requirements. We also provide door repairs for our clients’ in Maribyrnong .

You might want to find out about our Garage Doors and the services we offer, contact us  today. We are accessible by telephone, email or complete the contact form on our site and we will gladly help you.

  • Protection

With our roller garage doors being twofold skin protected, similar to the conventional single skin doors, your advantage from having the capacity to keep the shine and glamour.

  • Space Saving doors

Not at all like old-fashioned up and over doors, a roller garage door moves straight up vertically. Additionally doesn’t consume up any room inside the garage, saving your essential space in your rooftop to use for capacity.

  • More protected than Conventional Garage Doors

Because roller garage doors work vertically, you have no viewable pathway issues. When you open them, they don’t push aimlessly outwards into a vehicle, unlike conventional doors.  It is safer.

  • High Security

Unlike conventional garage doors, all our roller garage doors have no handles outwardly and accompany security locking ties which apply additional strain to keep the door down tight.

  • Variety of Fixing Options plus Sizes

As our roller garage doors are tailor-made to calculated units and not set sizes. There is no compelling reason to fill the holes with a wooden edge. They can be made to fit your space flawlessly and leave you with no side holes to worry about.

  • Materials

The steel up and over doors can wind up corroded after some time, and the wooden edges can also decay. With our roller garage doors the arrangement, direct rails and full top box created using powder covered aluminum, so you never again have these worries.
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