Victorian Roller Doors has 30 years of experience in installing garage doors in Melton. We have trained technicians most of them have been with us since the beginning. With Regular training courses given to all our technicians in-house as well as with major manufacturers. Our technicians are trained on updates to key-products, especially where safety controls are concerned. We have many in-house training courses with full-size working doors and electric operators for ongoing training and for testing.

  • Specialist

We install the greater part of our roller doors, but for some products we require specialist assistance from our manufacturers where complex hardware is involved. We also provide the services of ‘partner’ installers in more remote parts of MELTON in order to offer the best and most financial benefits with reliable and fast backup service when required.

  • Safety First

The rules in MELBOURNE are strict for electric garage doors, gates and other doors operated by remote control. There are many products in the MELBOURNE market which do not confirm the basic regulations or requirements and are dangerous. Every one of our garage doors and gate openers has safety sensors as standard with upgrades in certain circumstances where extra safety requirements are needed. Manually operated garage doors have anti fall back devices in case failure of spring or cable, this is a requirement, not an option. As garage doors get bigger and bigger and clients requirements get higher the significance of security in such a large number of the doors can’t be thought little of.

  • Guarantees

We provide a minimum of 12 months guarantee for our work. It can be extended to many of our products, with numerous guarantee periods up to 10 years. You can rest assured every one of our products we offer is of exceptionally and outstanding quality and will give you no inconvenience.

  • Maintenance

Although such a large number of our garage doors are designed to the highest quality. Any door of a reasonable size or operated more than average will require maintenance. Like your vehicle, a garage door can have many moving parts, the bigger the door, the more stresses can be applied to key segments of the door. Combined with possible movement in old buildings it’s basic that electric garage doors are serviced and maintained to guarantee their well-being at their very best. We offer normal maintenance for all our clients and serving and repairs on a wide range of garage doors, whatever the make or model.

We offer our services, installation & repairs of Garage Doors in Melton. Our latest design garage doors can boost your house appeal and also the value of your home.

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