If you find that there’s a malfunction in any component of your garage door system, then you can freely call Victorian Roller Doors. Our skilled technicians will quickly repair your garage door. We also offer same day service and guarantee to provide fast response in Sunbury, Melbourne area.

The entire garage door system has many components. If you have any problem regarding your garage doors in Sunbury, then we can check every element of the garage door whether it’s the tracks, pulleys, cables, wires, an electric operator or the door itself. There are many things that you should keep in mind when it comes to inspecting and repairing the garage door system. Always contact a professional from Victorian Roller Doors to take care of your garage door service requirement.

Checking Whether Your Garage Door Needs a repair or not:

To determine whether your garage door needs a repair or not, the first step is to look at every component of the door. Though we use our garage doors daily most of us don’t get time to examine every element of the garage door. If your garage door is not operating with ease then could be an issue, you should identify the problem with a closer look. Bending of tracks can be the one reason for the poor functioning poorly. As the entire garage door system consists of many pieces, then there can also be the possibility that any one component of the door has become loose which needs to fixed.

Testing Garage Door Cables

Repair the garage door isn’t a simple job. Whenever any damage occurs to the cables of the door, then it becomes more complicated to test and repair them. If you are not comfortable to check the door on your own, then you should always call a professional from Victorian Roller Doors who can quickly inspect your door.

If you want to check the cables for any damage, then you should first hold the door in place. Then open the garage door in such a way that it rests a few feet off of the floor. Hold the door in place by fixing the vice grips to the track present on both the sides of the door. Finally, get on the ladder to inspect the cables while keeping the garage door secured. Always check that the wires haven’t snapped from anywhere. Look for all the signs of wear and tear damage. If you find any damage to the cables, then you should always replace them immediately.


Contact Victorian Roller Doors today, if you require installation of the garage door in Sunbury. Whether you want a fresh installation, panel installation or opener installation, then please feel free to contact us.

Installation of new garage door or replacement of old door

Installation of the garage door is a very involved job, but our professional technicians are also very skilled. You should not consume your time and money to do it yourself. At Victorian Roller Doors, we have well-trained technicians who have perfected their skills to install the garage doors efficiently and quickly. The task of installation of garage doors is not easy. Most of the people who try to do the installation by themselves face more problems than successes while doing the installation. We keep all components of garage doors as well as all the necessary alignments. You should always choose to call our experienced technicians for all the garage door problems. We offer both residential as well as commercial installations. We also provide installation of timber garage doors. We handle the replacement of the garage door, so if you have become bored of your old garage door and want to install a new one, we will be there to help you.

Openers Installation

The highly-trained technicians from Victorian Roller Doors are capable of installing the garage door systems with openers or with no existing opener. Our professionals have the experience of working with many different brands as well as with many manufacturers, so we can quickly and efficiently install the new garage door opener. Whenever you want to install an opener in your garage door in the Sunbury area then always contact us to do the dirty work. Our staff will supervise the installation of your new push-button opener. We offer friendly service and a commitment to quality to make your life a bit easier. We are always available to install a new garage door system from the ceiling down so that we can include new openers.

Panels Installation

If your garage door system is working to it’s best, but the panels of the garage door have got damaged then you should look no further than Victorian Roller Doors. Our technicians can safely and efficiently install new panels in the garage door within a blink of an eye. Our staff can provide you with every component of the garage door that you require whether it is a single panel or the whole door. Victorian Roller Doors has excellent links with the best brands as well as working with the best manufacturers so we can render our clients with the highest quality garage doors. The skilled professionals of Victorian Roller Doors have vast knowledge of all the shapes and sizes of garage doorsavailable.

Fresh Installation

Victorian Roller Door is always there to serve our customers whenever they need a fresh installation of an entirely new garage door system. The well-trained professionals of our company will help you in getting the right garage door to fulfil all of your requirements. We are ready to provide quality work promptly. All of the products that we offer are of the highest quality and having a full guarantee from Victorian Roller Doors. We offer our services on a 24/7 schedule so that you can complete your tasks when you need them. You may freely call our technicians today and get your garage door installed efficiently.

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