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How to maintain your garage door properly?

How to maintain your garage door properly?

Before you begin anything with your garage door, it is advised to do a proper investigation. Check your garage door while it is closed and assess all the hardware. If anything appears to lose, for example, the roller sections, chain rails or nuts, fix them up.
If you want to do yourself garage door maintenance, you can save your cash and avoid from setting up a period for somebody to come out for solving your problem.

Here are 5 preventive DIY measures that can perform by homeowners for maintain the garage door:

1. Clean your Tracks:
Wash the door with a soft wipe cloth and a cleaner appropriate for your garage. Properly follow the product cleaning instructions. Then rinse the door with clean water.For wooden doors, clean the outside of the door by wiping it with a dry, delicate fabric. After cleaning, a wooden door may also require recoloring. Examine your door once every year or as required, depending upon quality and atmosphere, to decide whether it should be painted or stained.

2. Lubricate Garage Door:
Use spray oils to grease up the garage door track, rollers, and chain. If your garage door is sounding this could be because of the problem in rollers. You will need to get an old cloth and clean up your rollers and removing dirt. Once your rollers are properly clean up then use spray oil lubricants for your garage door. A silicone or lithium sprays will help keep those moving parts working accurately. You can do the same process with other moving parts on your doors.

3. Monitor Weather Seals:
Check the rubber sealant that is attached to the base of your garage door. If you found any cracks on it, then its probably time to replace it. During winters or in summer season, if leaks are present on your door then it will cost you more.

4. Check the Balance of your Garage Door
If the garage door is not properly balanced, then opener should work harder, and it won’t keep going as long. When you release the opener by pulling the discharge handle, physically move the door. If it doesn’t stay, the springs are not properly balanced. Adjusting the spring is difficult and dangerous. These should only be adjusted or removed by experts with the proper tools.

5. Tighten up the hardware
Garage door moves up and down many times in a day. Due to extreme movements and vibration, hardware can be loose. Examine your bolts and brackets after few days and if necessary then tighten them with a socket wrench.

By performing garage door maintenance by yourself, you can make certain that your garage door is protected, and will stay in excellent condition for a long time.

Hire experts for a precautionary maintenance or repair service, they have knowledge to find out the problem and ways to fix it. Get in touch with our experts in Melbourne now.

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  • June 14, 2017
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