Merlin Genuine Remotes E960M/M842/Merlin+2.0

Merlin Genuine Remotes E960M/M842/Merlin+2.0

Merlin E960M Premium Handset:

Compatible with Commander Essential (MS65MYQ), Commander Elite (MS105MYQ), Commander Extreme (MS125MYQ), SilentDrive Essential (MR655MYQ), SilentDrive Elite (MR855MYQ), Commander Ultimate (MJ3800MYQ), Commander MyQ, WhisperDrive, TiltMaster, PowerAce, CyclonePro, OverDrive, SilentDrive Elite MyQ, SilentDrive BBU, SilentDrive Pro, QuietDrive Pro, WeatherDrive, MJ3800BBU, MT800, MT600, MT1000, MT3850, MT5580P, MT60P, MT60, MT230, RollerAce (MR60), MR600, MR800, MR1000, MJ3800, MJ3800R


Merlin M842 Remote:

Compatible with M230T (Prolift), M430R (Prolift), M832, M842, M844


Merlin Three Button Mini Remote (Security+2.0)

Compatible with Merlin Security+2.0



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