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Reasons to replace your garage door opener

Reasons to replace your garage door opener

Garage Door Opener work with remote controls. They are simple and comprised of a primary transmitter and recipient which controlled the opener component. The transmitter would transmit on an assigned frequency; the recipient would tune into radio signals, then open or close the garage. These openers tend to work for a long time. Regardless of the possibility that these openers are working fine, there are many reasons for replacing them. New models offer more security and comfort.

Following are the essential reasons why you might need to purchase new garage door opener:

Noise Control

Does your garage door opener makes too much noise and disturb your neighbors? And if you face this problem, then its time to replace it with a new one.

Traditional garage door opener uses a chain drive to open up and close the door, and it doesn’t look good. It resembled a bike chain and attached close to the engine unit of your opener, consider replacing it with a belt drive opener. New opener produces less noise than older ones.

Battery Backup

One of the biggest issues is power supply cut, due to this the garage door opener stops work.  Garage door openers are accessible with battery backup that will automatically work when you lose electricity.

Security Issues

The old style of garage door openers was more vulnerable to thieves.  Their remote controls worked with a predefined code, which is easy to find for any robbers and can access this code to open the garage doors. New garage door openers have a feature of changing the code itself after the every time the garage door is opened or closed. No one can crack your code and get into your garage.

For Safety Reversal Feature

Since 1990s garage door openers have been required to implement with a  new safety reversing feature. This safety mechanism includes two sensors at both sides of the door. Both are of six inches and present above the floor level. If any person or pet goes from the light beam which is created by these sensors while the door is closed, then it should immediately stop and reverses. If your garage door opener doesn’t have this safety mechanism, replace the opener now for your safety.

Without Keys

Older garage door openers did not offer keypads that could attached outside the garage wall. This convenient new feature enables you to enter a code into the keypad that will open the garage door without any keys.

You might be purchasing a keypad to attached with your current garage door opener. If not, however, this may be a proper reason to upgrade your opener. Even modern keypad units eliminate the need to remember the code. They can be operated by touch using fingertips to open the door.

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