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Replacement Of Garage Door Springs

Replacement Of Garage Door Springs

Experienced and well-trained technicians provided by our company Victorian Roller Doors skilfully and rapidly replace the broken garage door springs.  So, garage doors quickly bounce back to their working condition. So, if you need the services regarding the replacement of the garage door springs then you can freely contact us today; 03 9338 8006.

Springs provide balance to the garage door system

Springs form an essential part of the garage door as they provide stability to the entire garage door system. Springs have to undergo a lot of motion, and they work actively with every movement of the garage door. Being such an essential component of your garage door, it becomes necessary on your part to give proper attention on them. You should keep adequate vision on repair and replacement of springs of your garage door.  By carefully observing them, determine whether the springs of your garage door works appropriately or not. Whenever you find any defect in the springs of your garage door then always prefer to call our technicians for helping you in this task.

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When you replace or repair the springs of your garage door, then always remember to do that for both instances of springs. It is essential to evaluate both instances of springs at the same time, as they work together in lifting the garage door system up and down. Since the springs present at both instances work together, they usually wear out at the same time. If you replace both the springs at the same time, then you ensure that even if one spring gets damaged, other will keep working. Always prefer to keep both the springs working together and at equal rates.  Replace both the springs at the same time to ensure that your garage door always remains in a working condition.

How Often Do Springs Need to Get Replaced?

After realising that how hard the springs have to work on your garage door, you may be curious to know that how often these springs need to get replaced. The frequency of replacement of these springs depends on a few factors, and we can evaluate it from the following facts:

  1. Size of the springs: For every specific measurement of the garage door, a standard spring size is available. However, if you choose a large size spring, then your spring get less strained because of its large diameter. Small size springs usually have a short life cycle, and thus they require to get replaced much more often.
  2. The weight of the door: If you have a heavy garage door then it requires harsh action of the springs for lifting and returning the garage door to its standing position. More heavy the door, more hard your springs will have to work, and then smaller their life will be.

By considering the above two facts, our professionals will provide you with the number of cycles (no. of times you opened and closed the door) that your springs can accommodate well. They will also tell you about all the available spring options, thus helping you in choosing the exact size for your garage door systems.

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