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Troubleshooting Common Outdated Garage Door Opener Problems

Troubleshooting Common Outdated Garage Door Opener Problems

There is no doubt that the garage is the most valuable space of all the houses which permits you to park your vehicles in a secure place out of all the harsh weather conditions. Having a garage also allows your cars to be present inside your house without having to be outdoors. But only possessing a well build room is not sufficient, if we want to make that space fully functional then we will have to fit a garage door to it. Modern garage doors contain another element of ease called as a garage door opener.

Most garage door openers have a long life of 10 to 12 years, but when your entire door system becomes outdated then occasionally there can also occur problems in the functionality of these components. If you want to protect and enhance the life of the automatic openers fitted in your door, then all the issues must be solved immediately without any delay. Our company also deals with the installation and repair of garage door openers. Here in this piece, we are going to tell you about some of the common problems which the homeowners have to face concerning their old garage door openers along with their solutions.


Every garage door opener manufactured after 1993 requires having integrated electronic eyes or sensors for safety purposes. These sensors should be present on both the sides of the door about 4 to 6 inches above the ground. If any object or person comes in the track of these sensors, the garage door will not get closed. When the garage door openers become old, then these sensors can get damaged or not function properly due to the cloudiness of the lenses.

If your garage door starts closing on pressing the button but immediately pulls back, then this means that either the sensors are out of order or the lenses are not clear enough to find out whether the track is clear for closing or not. You can rectify such a situation either by replacing the sensors (if they are in bad shape) or by cleaning the lenses (if there does not seem anything wrong with the positioning or covering of the sensors).


Garage door opener functions by an electrical current, therefore a circuit breaker is present in the electric panel. If you notice that your opener is not functioning either with the remote or even with the manual switch then there could be some issue with the circuit breaker such as it may trip continuously. Moreover, if your garage door system is too old, then this issue may become more severe.

After years of operation, the openers can develop a short circuit. If this thing happens, the circuit breaker to the door opener will trip continuously to guard the wiring as well as the whole unit from getting overheated. Fixing this issue is not a DIY task as it involves a careful examination of the entire unit’s wiring.

Whenever you are in such a situation, you should test your opener for a short circuit by using a device called a multimeter. You can get this instrument for about $20 from any home improvement store. The multimeter checks the circuit to conclude whether it is open or closed. This test will also indicate you if something will be out of line within the unit so that you can call the professional assistance on time.


There can be a circumstance that when you press the button on your opener, then the door gets opened as it should, but the motor continues to run as if the garage door is still not open. This problem tends to occur when the up-limit switch of the door opener is not working correctly. The primary role of this switch is to convey the motor to work up to the necessary point to open and then close the door.

If your motor persists running even after the garage door has opened completely, then you can fix this issue by regulating the up-limit switch just like you did when you fixed the opener.  Depending upon the manufacturer of the opener you can calibrate the up-limit switch of your opener in many different ways. You can also consult the manual of your owner for further instructions.

Though your garage door can work without an automatic opener, this feature makes your garage much comfortable and convenient to access. If you ever have to encounter any issues concerning your automatic garage door opener. Contact the experts of our company Victorian Roller Doors for all the assistance as well as guidance that you need at that time. We have all the tools and skilled professionals; thus; we can provide you with an excellent installation and repair of garage door openers.

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