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Roller Garage Doors

Victorian Roller Doors Melbourne is a company entirely dedicated to planing, design and installation of roller garage doors with complete understanding of scope, styles, models, and wraps up.

Our doors are available in both steel and aluminum finishes. With a scope of accessible alternatives, including electric opening frameworks and warm protection. We genuinely tailor every installation to fit your needs. We offer full garage door services not only in Melbourne but cover all adjoining suburbs also. To know more, contact us today!

When to choose a roller garage door for your space?

Many reasons can lure your attention towards buying a roller garage door. These doors are an excellent space sparing choice. If you have an elite, climate oriented choice for your new garage door, at that point we have the door solution for you.

Advantages of a Roller Garage Door

  1. It fits into every kind of garage openings imaginable, even angled openings
  2. It includes thermal protection for keeping the warmth in and cold out
  3. Excellent execution of the climate protection features
  4. A superb choice if you have a big car
  5. You needn’t bother with a door jamb
  6. Full access to the rooftop space

Sectional Garage Doors

A sectional garage door opens vertically like a standard door, yet without working like an up and over a door. This feature makes a sectional door the best decision for cars with constrained space and saves you from having to move vehicles from the garage before opening the garage door.

We offer sectional garage doors to all our clients in an extensive diversity of styles, hues, and materials. Regardless of whether your requirement is wood, steel, or aluminum sectional garage doors, we can provide the style and shading to suit your home.

Why prefer a Sectional Garage Door?

With comprised individual areas associated by pivots, a sectional garage door is both adaptable and secure. The door opens vertically into the garage with no ‘kick out’ as it moves, endowing you with up to three feet of stretched drive length against a standard Roller Door.

In addition to this, these doors are incredibly alluring in their modern designs, utilizing brilliant materials and the most recent developments in assembled innovation to offer the highest security appeal. Sectional garage doors safeguard your home too, by keeping your energy costs down.

Advantages of a Sectional Garage Door

  1. Quiet and smooth activity
  2. You needn’t bother with a door jamb
  3. Ample space, perfect for bigger vehicles.
  4. Excellent insulation against the climate
  5. High execution of climate protection feature
  6. Unique sound and warm protection.
  7. Available in the scope of appealing styles, designs and shades

Wooden Garage Doors

These doors give a more protected and a different option to steel and aluminum doors. Handmade in Melbourne from durable cedar wood, our wooden garage doors are constructed to provide a long time of utilization in style.

Why opt for a Timber Garage Door?

Our wooden garage doors are available in an extensive variety of styles, enabling us to create a lovely garage to suit any home. Timber garage doors utilize the collective excellence of wood to create a standard look while offering the best security features and quality available.

Wooden doors offer classic style and design over the scope of openings – our master surveyors will encourage you on the best garage door composition for your home. Contact Victorian Roller Doors for a site inspection and one of our professionals will offer a guide and FREE no-commitment site inspection of your property to guarantee we can offer the ideal garage door for your home.

Advantages of a Wood Garage Door

  1. Crafted from capably sourced cedar wood.
  2. Delivered with a base coat, prepared to be painted.
  3. The stunning scope of windows and coating choices are included light.
  4. A full scope of styles and designs are accessible.
  5. Designed to support bolts and features.

Electric Garage Doors

Electric garage doors are one of our popular products. We offer professional knowledge and installation benefits for electric garage doors in Melbourne. Our professional staff will help you through the procedure from beginning to end and help you to decide the apt framework for your garage door.

Electric garage door costs depend on each garage door composition. You can ask for a free home inspection, and our professionals will design the ideal suggestion for your home, helping you with the garage door for your requirement.

Why choose an Electric Garage Door?

An electric garage door gives you opportunity to open and close your garage without having to leave your car each time you operate your garage. Whether you’re leaving for work or returning home, an electric garage door gives you the solace of having the capacity to drive in or out of your garage.

Since we design and install each garage door ourselves, we can make an electric garage door that is best-suited for your home. Our extensive variety of electric garage doors are available in several choices of shading and materials, so you can mix and match them the way you like.

Benefits of an Electric Garage Door

  1. High Efficiency, vitality supporting LED
  2. New current outline and tested Security
  3. Certified by organizations as per the most recent and the most secure rules
  4. Mechanized up-and-over doors are stable to a significant degree
  5. Quick and straightforward task through push catch, key catch, hand remote control, or coded key cushion, etc.
  6. Smooth working

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Our side pivoted garage doors are also accessible in a broad range of styles, hues, and materials. Every one of our doors are available in timber or steel, we can design the ideal garage door for any requirement.

  • Timber Side Hinged

We create our side-pivoted timber garage doors that worked and last for a very long time. Offering comprehensive, unrivaled protection, and utilizing the most recent assembly techniques, our garage doors give timeless style in a single package.

  • Steel Side Hinged

Steel garage doors are solid, secure, and constructed with high quality materials. We fabricate our garage doors from premium quality steel and are completed in any shading and style for your liking. Offering unrivaled climate protection, our metal side-pivoted garage doors are perfect for a dependable and secure establishment.

Why go for a Side Hinged Garage Door?

There are many reasons to choose these doors. They offer excellent security and uncomplicated operation for a considerable length of time. Requiring no vertical lift, you don’t need to open and close them like conventional doors.

Advantages of Side Hinged Garage Doors

  1. The full scope of materials which are available, including steel and timber.
  2. An extensive variety of hues and wrap ups available.
  3. Overlapping doors enhance security and offer complete climate insulation.

Victorian Roller Doors possesses an assortment of garage door styles with various shades and material with their openers and other accessories. Visit us online or at our showroom and receive a free quotation TODAY!

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