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Open Your Garage Door from Your Phone!

‘Web of Things’ (IoT) expression is a very well known term. It implies to a framework where everything that has an on/off switch is associated with WiFi to the Internet. If we look around we are conceivably utilizing parts of the IoT, for our TV and electrical appliances, cooling system, etc.

It means that even your garage door are additionally programmed. Framework of doors can also be remotely controlled using an application on your mobile phone device. In the accompanying discussion, we will elaborate the advantages of a Smart Phone Control Kit for your garage door security. We offer offer a list of options that are accessible from Victorian Roller Doors, the garage door specialists in Melbourne.

The Benefits of a ‘Brilliant’ Smart Phone Control Kit

Customization is done to fit the garage door with your way of life, including halfway opening modes and setting confinements. It offers you ultimate control over how your door or garage doors can be opened, making it a perfect choice to work out who enters your house and through which way they enter while you’re away on vacation.

Constant notices

PDA Control Kit applications incorporate ongoing cautions whenever your garage door is opened for a long period of time, or when your programmed door framework needs adjustments. This kit helps upgrading the security of your home, as you’re quickly made alert if there has been an unapproved opening or your door remains open for long period of time. Our Company will advise that your garage door framework needs a regular service since it lessens the probability of any malfunctions or breakdowns. Also implies that your garage door will dependably be working taking care of your business and home.

Movement Log

It enables you to see the utilization history of your garage door or any other door, so you know who has opened or shut the door(s) and when. It has been proved to be an incredible method to screen your home security while you’re away from your home or on vacation. It guarantees that it’s only those approved individuals who can go back and forth through your garage door.


Merlin myQ Connected Home


  • Monitor and control away from home: myQ technology allows you to monitor and control your garage door away from home

  • Receive alerts and notifications:  Receive alerts and notifications for complete piece of mind knowing you are in control away from home

  • myQ Scheduling: With myQ scheduling you can select specific close times for your garage door

  • myQ Touch ID: myQ Touch ID removes the need to input your 4 digit security code to access your Merlin myQ app

B&D Smart Phone Control Kit


  • Your silent alarm: The B&D App features real time notifications alerting you whenever your door is operated, opened for an extended period of time or when your opener is in need of a service

  • Customisation: The B&D App can be customised to suit your lifestyle. From partial opening modes to restricting door access times, your protection and security is priority

  • Activity log: You can view usage history on the App so you know who has operated your garage door, and when

  • Total control: The B&D App allows authorised users to operate the garage door without a remote. Give access to as many users as you like or remove access at the click of a button

  • Multiple devices in multiple locations: Through the App, you can control multiple garage doors and compatible gates in more than one location (e.g. your home garage door, your business or holiday home garage door)

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